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Our Producers




Our carrot cake is only ever as good as the ingredients we use. 

We love finding the best ingredients from producers who care as much as we do. Lots of time playing and testing ingredients, spent a weekend testing 4 different spice brands to find the right cardamom, makes our carrot cake extra special. We always start our ingredient search local to the Midwest and focus on businesses that are similar to ours (independently owned by people working hard to make their dream a reality). 



While there is a cost to sourcing the best we believe that investing back into the local community is the best way to do business and you will taste the difference in our cakes. Below is a sample of our producers and our list is always growing and changing; thank you for supporting our and their businesses!





    Meadowlark Organics - @meadowlark_organics

    The Spice House - @thespicehouse

    Tomato Mountain Farm - @tomatomountain

    Three Sisters Gardens - @threesisterskankakee

    Runamok Maple - @runamokmaple


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