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About Sunny Bakes


Carrot Cake is the forgotten favorite


Almost everyone has a story about why they love carrot cake. From making it with their grandmother. The sweet surprise of actually liking carrots in a cake. To savoring the last bite of their favorite cream cheese frosting. We are inspired to bring natural flavors and spices and the freshest ingredients to our unique carrot cake. It’s a cake that surprises you.


You will see right away that ours looks and tastes different, and that was intentional. The depth of spice and subtle sweetness we’ve perfected in our carrot cake makes it a flavorful treat to savor. We wanted a cake that doesn’t have to be saved for a special occasion but can bring a little pleasure and connection to any day.


Their handmade simple design and miniature size (4 inches round) are ideal for sharing between two or four people. For a little pick-me-up, to be enjoyed in the afternoon with tea, or with a glass of wine after dinner. It’s the cake I wanted on a Friday night after an exhausting week at work. For a small celebration or just celebrating surviving another week! Cutting into a layer cake, especially one made with ingredients from the community, instantly creates the feeling of celebration!


We are a tiny business, just me and my sister Katie, so we are starting slowly focusing on carrot cakes. BUT we can't wait to expand to more items (and flavors. Join us at the Wicker Park Farmers Market on select Sundays when we will have some surprises. Learn more about how to try our cakes and thank you for your support!


About Sunny 


Sunny is the nickname my Dad gave me when I as born and he was the only one that used it. When he passed away I was no longer Sunny but when starting my business I had to bring it back. Sunny Bakes is about living a childhood dream and honoring the opportunities my parents gave me when they immigrated to the US. The opportunity to do what you love and not what you have to do, though I didn't always take advantage of that!


I baked for the first time at 12, I made a chocolate souffle because my Dad loved it and challenged me that I couldn’t make one. The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't! I found an old French cookbook and followed the recipe, with no sense how hard a souffle was to make. When I presented a perfectly risen souffle to my family, I was shocked by their looks of awe and the instant pleasure. I was hooked.


As an introvert, and first generation Sri Lankan American in Texas, I always struggled to find a natural way to connect with others. Baking quickly became that connection point, from a teenager to college to my first job, I used my baking as a way to bring joy and build connection with others.


I also just loved baking and creating new recipes but never believed it could be a business. So I followed a traditional path and worked in the corporate world, despite saying many times that I would never do that! After spending a LOT of time becoming what I thought I was supposed to be I finally realized my restlessness was calling me to do more. I quit my job in 2019 to travel for a few months and try to figure out what was next.


Finally late in 2020 I decided it was time to do what I loved and share my baking with more than just my family and friends. I am starting my business in May with a focus on the cake my late Father and I loved, carrot cake. I want to create fresh natural mini cakes that don’t require a special celebration to enjoy them!


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